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y aggressively○ expanding i〓ts sales netw●ork in the〓 past few ye●ars through new ope○nings and acqui■sitions of smaller c○hains. Befor■e the trouble◆s of its former chai●

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rman hit in 2008, th●e company had 1,30●0 stores, ◆to Suning's 850.T○hat maddeni●ng pace is coming t●o an end. ◆"It's about time fo◆r Gome to take a■ differe

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nt approach● than in the past,"○ said Wu M■eiping, analy■st from Esse○nce Securi○ties.Despite its sca●le, Gome actually t◆rails Suning■ in sales per st

  • Brand Identity 80%
  • Mobile & Web Design 100%
  • User Experience 70%
  • iOS Development 70%
  • Photography 90%
  • Video Production 80%

of stores

or●e, which some a■ttribute to po■or layout 〓and disorderly dis〓play. For Gome, the ●ratio of renting ●fees to sal●e

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igh○er profit margin●, He said.The smal●l applianc◆es' profit mar○gins averag■e at 20 to ●30 percent. Smal●l appliances current?/p>

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鰈y account for■ 12 percent of Gom〓e's total sales, H●e said.He said Go■me will be partn◆ering with ?/p>

n almost ◆the s

ts suppli〓ers to creat●e a more comfo◆rtable and ○convenient ●purchasing env〓ironment by resettin●g product di■splay and i

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nc○reasing servic◆e efficienc◆y.At the b◆eginning of this yea○r, China launc●hed another■ round of

f〓 new larger ones,

home appli〓ance promotions in ◆rural area●s. The country has 〓expanded i●ts subsidies fo〓r farmers' pu

" ◆Gome spokesm

rchases■ of home a●ppliance. Th〓e move has i●ncreased new ●business opport●unities for man

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y● companies. Last O●ctober, China grante○d a 13 percent subsi◆dy to farmers who● buy home appliance?/p>

old Chi?/h1>

駍. Qualified 〓appliances in●clude color〓 TVs, refrig■erators, and ●mobile phones. Th●e Chin

ng to do with the c?/h1>

●. Insiders■ say the policy has ◆not only benefited f■armers, but〓 also home appl■iance manufactu■rers. It's■ estimated that t◆he government su〓bsid

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes Art is knowing which ones to keep

citie●s will be

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part of ■the rural h◆ome appliance projec●t when it kic■ks off on Dec○ember the 1st.Acc〓ording to t〓he plan, the cent◆ral governmen●t w

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hare trading.The ne?/h4>

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駑 strategy ◆

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Have you fallen in love yet with our portfolio?●iance, whi

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n its ambit■ion to overtake○ Gome as the

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list of such it●ems has also been 〓expanded. Washing 〓machines ha●ve joined the ori■ginal line-up whic〓h includes c●olor